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Product / Creative Director

Work Resume
Lancelot Co-founder, 2017

Designed and built Lancelot, a network security education app for the masses.

Lancelot deconstructed dense and complex security topics into fun and digestible lessons, aimed at the average user.
Athena Product Founder, 2016

Designed and built Athena, a brain-sensing app to help children with ADHD concentrate while doing homework.

Using EEG headsets & brainwave algorithms, Athena is able to detect a child’s concentration level, and help make homework pleasant for both parent and child.
Noom Creative Director, 2012 — 2015

Re-branded Noom Coach to stand out from the crowded competition.

The Noom Sun bypassed industry cliches, by speaking to dieters' need for a positive influence in their daily lives. Noom Coach The competition

Directed multiple product/engineer teams in developing features on iOS, Android and Web.

Launched simple, intuitive food logging that's a treat to use every day. And, by analyzing every meal and visualizing the calories into great/ok/indulgent categories the user is allowed to take a balanced approach to weight loss. Food loggingMeal analysis

Set direction for brand, UI, illustration & marketing.

The illustrative style and 'smiley' people allowed us to approach sensitive issues without sounding dry, or showing unrealistic body types. The brand lives in a positive, dreamy world, where everything is possible — even losing those few unwanted pounds. In-app Social Media Print

Grew a design team & fostered a collaborative creative environment.

Tackling large and complex problems require many great minds — and not just designers. Hiring broad-skilled creatives, and instituting cross-departmental work sessions has allowed us to move faster and better. Together.

Integrated rapid-prototyping and user-testing into the design process.

The best way to explain a concept (and identify flaws) is to show it off. By using an ever-increasing suite of prototyping tools and running weekly usability tests we can focus on building only the best ideas. Material Design Weekly calories
Freelance Product Designer, 2010 — 2012

Created new features, demos & marketing for Pressly, a content publishing platform.

By creating intelligent, adaptive layouts that react to the type of content available, we were able to present any RSS feed with the speed, richness, and editorial look and feel that you would expect from a native app today, but back in 2012.

Created new features and marketing for The Score, Canada's #1 sports app.

By finding novel ways to cram tons of sports data in a tiny screen without overwhelming our users The Score was awarded iTunes Best Sports App in 2011.

Designed & programmed AvecMe, a making plans with friends web-app.

Mighty Art Director, 2009 — 2010

Worked on 360° campaigns for Hyundai, Scotiabank, Government of Ontario.

Produced TV, radio, print, micro-sites, banners, guerilla marketing & branding for dozens of campaigns.
Lowe Roche Art Director, 2006 — 2009

Worked on 360° campaigns for Audi, Stella Artois, Purina, Nokia, Blackberry, Nestea, Toronto Zoo.

Responsible for unleashing an embarrassing amount of Flash material to the internet. Accumulated 10+ industry awards and accolades.
OCAD Student of Graphic Design, 2001 — 2005

Founded, designed, programmed & ran MyOCAD, a pre-Facebook student community website at the Ontario College of Art & Design.

Athens, Toronto, NYC Cat person, since 1981

Knows his way around the Adobe suite, Sketch, Javascript, Parse, SQL, Marvel, Zeplin, Copywriting, CSS, PHP, ActionScript, Framer Studio, Xcode, Android Studio, PaintCode, and whatever the next new thing will be...

Please, adopt Chris.